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Well, my hometown is in the suburbs to the north of Chicago, so it has some realtion to activities in Chicago, and this news article has something to do with yet another stupid ban attempt by Chicago’s stupid Aldermen, as if Rod Blagojevich’s childish baby-rants weren’t enough. This time it’s about metal bats, of all things, for some reason. Scientists have said the metal bats don’t make a difference, but the politicians and their pea-brained ability to use no common sense whatsoever has prevented them from realizing just exactly how stupid this really is. To think that they could just have stopped being idiots after they passed the moment of silence law, but no. Did I mention I also don’t like politicians?

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Quote of the Week

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I’ll take the easy path with this one, and just Quote myself; “I hate quotes.”. I don’t like quotes, because, frankly, they’re just a set of words to me. They have no meaning or purpose; anyone can say something. I think you should do something, not talk about doing something, or make a statement about the clearly obvious. By taking action, you cause things to happen rather than telling people that you’re going to do something. I dislike quotes that are basically blatant statements that are very obvious and clear. If I didn’t get it, I’d ask. Don’t tell me and act like I’m an idiot or something. I suppose the only quotes I do like are the funny ones when you catch someone saying something silly or dumb. That’s all.

Art of the Week

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My “Art of the Week” is actually a game. Spore allows the player to create aliens which will be worked on and improved by the player; the creatures are pieces of work in themselves, made by players. The aliens made by players also show up in other players’ games, increasing the number of differentiating aliens players will see. The premise of it all allows players to create creatures and sculpt them to what they like, along with the vehicles, and other things the creatures use. This also may extend to the planets the creatures are on themselves, but I’m unsure as to how this all works because I don’t own the game… yet. The only bad side effect of making players able to create whatever they want in the game, is that the potential for the same obnoxious little kids you heard screaming obscenities through their microphones in Halo 3 and other games, will also likely get to play Spore. This means whatever abominations the little jerks make, will end up on your screen running about, as well. I am quite certain that I don’t need to go into detail into what they’re going to do, as you probably have a good enough idea if you’ve heard them screaming their favorite curses and swears at you.

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Word of the Week

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Well, I figured I’d do the same word of the day as, which is torrid. I don’t really have any paticular reason for wanting to use it, but it sounded cool, and it involves fire. Torrid essentially means scorched with heat, or burnt. It also is a synonym for parched, which is basically being extremely thirsty. I suppose I chose this because I like to play video games with lots of action, and most of them have flamethrowers or other things that are related to fire or burning. I guess that I liked Torrid when I saw it on the page, because it had something to do with fire, and consequentially, video games. Not much wore of a reason that I can give. Yes, I know. This is really random.